EMEC spotlights industrial opportunity of marine renewables

Illustration (Photo: EMEC)

In the run up to the UK General Election, the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) has published its response to the UK government’s Industrial Strategy consultation.

The response highlights the industrial opportunities presented by marine energy through continued government support.

EMEC cites itself as an example of such success story which was built upon government’s vision to invest for the future and build infrastructure ahead of need.

The center said the creation of the marine energy testing facility in Orkney resulted in UK nucleating an industry by enabling private investment to flow into a new area of endeavor, thus creating a sustainable, useful economic activity in areas other than the South East.

EMEC also said that the £36 million invested in building the test center has since delivered the UK a GVA of almost £250 million, having attracted 18 different companies from 10 different countries to test 28 marine energy devices at the center over the last 14 years.

“We must not lose our present industry lead by failing to support real sea testing. EMEC has shown that this is where ‘learning by doing’ leads to cost reductions and real performance data, however, importantly it also provides real, useful jobs, and the prospect of a new clean energy source, from our own shorelines,” EMEC said in the Industrial Strategy response.

EMEC added it exported the marine energy know-how to 18 countries since its establishment, including Japan, Belgium, China, Ireland, Peru, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden and the USA, among others.

Furthermore, EMEC noted the marine energy activity happening across the Orkney Islands is already supporting many of the pillars in the Industrial Strategy, including skills development, infrastructure upgrades, supporting businesses to start and grow, encouraging trade and inward investment, cultivating world-leading sectors, and driving growth across the whole country.