ESL Shipping Charters Dry Bulk Carrier MS Nassauborg

ESL Shipping Charters Dry Bulk Carrier MS Nassauborg

ESL Shipping Ltd, part of Aspo Group, responds to its increased sea transport demand by time-chartering dry bulk carrier m/s Nassauborg until next summer.

Sailing under the Dutch flag, the 1A ice-strengthened 20,000 ton vessel is well-suited to complement ESL Shipping’s existing fleet within the same size range. All of the company’s vessels are capable of operating in the Baltic Sea and other northern ice areas.

The increase in capacity allows the company to serve new clients and also to expand the service range geographically through its entire fleet. At the same time, the future winter transportation of the company’s long-term contractual customers can be better secured under ice conditions.

“This time charter indicates ESL Shipping’s ability to rapidly respond to changes in customer demand,” says Aki Ojanen, CEO of Aspo Group. “We have the possibility to continue the charter after the current period, depending on the prevailing demand.”

ESL Shipping transports dry bulk materials, mainly in the Baltic Sea region; in 2012, approximately 10.4 million tons. The cargo mainly consists of ore, coal and limestone. The shipping company’s fleet consists of 15 vessels, including m/s Nassauborg, of which it owns 12 in full. Two are leased and one is partially owned.


ESL Shipping Ltd, November 21, 2013

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