ESL Shipping Expands into Smaller Vessel Class

Helsinki-based shipping company ESL Shipping has entered into smaller vessel class with ice classed 3,000 dwt ships. 

As explained, the move is part of the company’s growth strategy.

Three vessels of the abovementioned class, Baltic Carrier, Baltic Skipper and Capella, joined the company’s fleet in fall this year, while the fourth vessel, Delfin, was added to ESL Shipping’s fleet on December 18.

The smaller vessels support “the flexible customer service”, regardless of the transportation batch size, ESL Shipping said.

“The new operating model allows ESL Shipping to expand into new vessel classes with no major capital investments,” according to the company. 

In the operating model that is new to the shipping company, the vessels will be chartered from the market for the transportation volumes. The most sought-after volumes include renewable bioenergy, recycled raw materials, such as recycled energy fuel or steel, wood-based products and grain.

Including the recently added ships, ESL Shipping’s fleet comprises thirteen vessels ranging in size from 3,000 to 56,000 dwt.