EurObserv’ER: Europe leads the way in marine energy operations

Europe leads the way in marine energy operations both in terms of investments and installed capacity, it is stated in EurObserv’ER report for 2013.

In its 2013 report, the European Union Ocean Energy Association (EU-OEA) points out that installed capacities have tripled in four years rising from 3.5 to more than 10 MW.

It forecasts that in 2020, marine energy capacities could reach 200-300 MW for the UK, 500 MW for Ireland, 380 MW for France, 250 MW for Portugal and 100 MW for Spain, and that Europe could install up to 100 GW by 2050.

However it emphasizes the need for heavy levels of public and private investment to achieve this, EurObserv’ER report for 2013 reads.

Since 1998, the EurObserv’ER barometer measures the progress made by renewable energies in each sector and in each member state of the European Union in the most up-to-date way as possible.

Check out the table of installed units for marine energy extraction and their status across Europe.

EurObservER table of installed units in Europe

Source/Image: EurObserv’ER