European Goods Dominate Spanish Ports as Project Loads Gain Ground

Almost half of the goods handled by Spanish ports in 2018 had the European continent as their origin or destination, according to Ports of the State, the company responsible for managing Spain’s state-owned ports.

Image courtesy: Puertos del Estado

Of the 563 million tons handled in Spanish ports in 2018, a record 44 percent, or 246 million tons, had a country in the European continent as origin/destination.

In the past year, Spanish ports handled more than 102 million tons of solid bulk, 181 million tons of liquid bulk, 76 million tons of conventional general cargo, 191 million tons of containers and 62 million tons of RoRo traffic.

The Ports of the State (Puertos del Estado), which includes 46 ports managed by 28 port authorities, further added that project cargoes were becoming more common with Spanish ports receiving more and more orders to transport goods of dimensions outside the usual sizes and weights that are part of large structures that must be handled in wide spaces, with special cranes and skilled personnel.