Europe’s First Hybrid Tugboat RT Adriaan Starts Its Operations in The Port of Rotterdam

Europe's First Hybrid Tugboat RT Adriaan Starts Operations in The Port of Rotterdam

The proven and classified construction of Europe’s first hybrid tugboat has been developed! As from November 2011 Rotor®Tug RT Adriaan, operating in the Port of Rotterdam, has been retrofitted with a XeroPoint Hybrid Propulsion System of AKA Canada. As from March, 6th 2012, the conversion is completed and RT Adriaan rejoined the KOTUG fleet like an E-KOTUG and is optimizing its hybrid modes.

In April / May 2012 E-KOTUG ‘RT Adriaan’ will officially be launched.

We are happy with the first results of the E-KOTUG after its conversion into a hybrid Rotor®Tug” said Daan Merkelbach – Nautical & QHSE Manager of KOTUG International.

During the conversion of its patented and certified hybrid Rotor®Tug, KOTUG was encouraged and inspired by the hybrid tug of Foss Maritime California. In partnership with AKA Canada, supplier of the Xeropoint Hybrid Propulsion System, an extremely environmentally friendly and fuel-saving tugboat was developed. “RT Adriaan”, one of the newest Rotor®Tugs, was retrofitted with this system and ensures that the electric and diesel engines, generators and environmentally-friendly batteries will be controlled. It’s resulting in efficiently sailing. KOTUG believes that the hybrid option is the best solution for harbour tugboats, due to its highly variable duty cycle.

KOTUG’s Green Performance

International maritime service provider KOTUG has built its reputation as an innovative player, thanks to years of experience and knowledge. KOTUG and its employees have an active Go Green policy. The company sees sustainability and innovation as a challenge, KOTUG worked these values into its business strategies. Most visible examples of its green commitment are shutting of ship engines and relying on shore-side power in the port, LED lighting on board, green passport for its tug materials, washable filters, sulphur free bunker fuels and winning the Fuel Save Competition for Dutch Inland Shipping.

KOTUG demonstrates with its E-KOTUG its ongoing commitment to the environment and the lowering of emissions.

Our company is committed to hybrid technology. To be a leader for our community and to be good for the environment means for us a challenge”, said Ard-Jan Kooren – CEO van KOTUG International.

KOTUG collaborates with other parties who are seeking durability in the maritime sector. With the business network Deltalinqs Energy Forum, KOTUG is ambassador for promoting the sustainable inland shipping. A Letter of Cooperation has been signed with the Municipality of Rotterdam and the Rotterdam Climate Initiative.

E-KOTUG: Clean and simple

For standing-by or for very low power operations, electrical energy storage permits the vessel to be operated in noiseless zero emissions mode, with no rotating machinery running.

  • Reduced emissions of CO2, NOxm PM2.5 and smut: With Xeropoint Hybrid technology, engines run at or near best efficiency- and only when needed. Lower fuel usage and cleaner combustion contribute to reducing harmful emissions.
  • Improved fuel economy: Main engines of Rotor®Tugs are designed for a high output. Because Hybrid technology shares the propulsion load between diesel and electrical sources, it means no unnecessary idling.
  • Noiseless: For standing-by or for very low power operations, electrical energy storage permits the vessel to be operated in noiseless zero emissions mode, with no rotating machinery running.
  • Maintenance savings: Hybrid technology means minimized engine use and more time between engine overhauls and oil and filter changes.
  • Healthy Workplace: Hybrid technology allows engines to be shut down at sea. Fast switching from hybrid modes with electrical engines to conventional modes with diesel engines is possible. For low power operations E-KOTUG is fully operable on battery power alone.


Source: kotug, March 12, 2012