Ex-Heerema Marine Contractors’ boss takes over as CEO of Kenz Figee

Dutch offshore crane supplier Kenz Figee Group has appointed Jan Pieter Klaver as new CEO.

Klaver left his position as CEO of Heerema Marine Contractors in June 2017, having served as the chief executive there since 2010.

To remind Kenz Figee was taken over by last year by MeeMaken BV, a firm with the worldwide network and portfolio comprising service companies to the offshore energy business.

The former senior management at Mammoet, Roderik van Seumeren and Natasja Sesink were designated as the new owners of Kenz Figee as partners of MeeMaken BV.

Announcing the the appointment of Klaver as CEO, Van Seumeren said: “After the takeover of Kenz Figee in June 2016 Natasja and I lead this great company with full commitment. Meantime, we know the employees, the market, the culture and habits of the company and the employees know us as well. The technical knowledge and commitment of the people at Kenz Figee is fundamental for the prosperous future of the company, despite the present difficult time in offshore oil &gas.”

The new CEO said: “I got to know Kenz Figee as a motivated organization with an enormous ability to innovate. This drive as well as the commitment of Roderik and Natasja give me confidence for the growth of this Dutch world-class offshore equipment company. As an entrepreneur I will invest myself in the company by taking over 20% of the shares of MeeMaken BV.”

The company said the future of Kenz Figee can be achieved with the innovative power to build equipment for other markets such as the dredging market and the offshore wind industry. The new build gangways and development of the SeaSpyder are good examples of this ability to be innovative with creative outcomes, the company said.

Apart from the new markets, Kenz Figee sees an upturn in the traditional offshore oil & gas industry with the manufacture and delivery of 6 cranes to its clients scheduled for 2018.