Fairmount tug delivers part of 120m J-Lay tower

Tug Fairmount Expedition tug has delivered the biggest component of the 120 meters high J-Lay tower for one of the world’s biggest crane vessels, Saipem 7000, offshore Burgas, Bulgaria.

The tower component was loaded on Saipem’s cargo barge S42.  The ocean going tug Fairmount Expedition towed the barge from Ravenna, Italy, non-stop to Bulgaria with an average speed of 8 knots. Subsequently, the Fairmount Expedition assisted during the off-loading of the J-Lay tower.

The barge S42 is 125 meters long and 30 meters in width, loaded with the J-lay tower weighing 3407 ton.

Fairmount Marine is a marine contractor for ocean towage and heavy lift transportation, headquartered in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Fairmount’s fleet of tugs consists of five modern super tugs of 205 tons bollard pull each. Fairmount Marine is part of Royal Boskalis Westminster.

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