Fendercare Marine delivers STS LNG transfer system

Fendercare Marine delivers STS LNG transfers with new system

Global provider of marine equipment and ship-to-ship services Fendercare Marine said it used a new LNG transfer system to complete a series of LNG STS operations for one of the leading global energy companies.

Illustration only; Courtesy of Fendercare Marine
Fendercare Marine delivers STS LNG transfer system
Illustration only; Courtesy of Fendercare Marine

Fendercare Marine says it has been conducting LNG transfers for over a decade. It specifically recognises LNG as a key component of the energy mix for the transition to a low carbon future.

Thus, the company invested in an LNG transfer system to support the growing global demand for LNG STS operations. The system includes specialist composite hoses, a hydraulic power unit, emergency release couplings, and hose saddles.

This wholly-owned LNG transfer system also enables the company to quickly respond to demand from customers. This will increase in the future, as more countries transition to cleaner, greener sources of fuel, such as LNG.

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Using this new system, Fendercare Marine completed three back-to-back STS transfers off the coast of Malaysia. It loaded a 173,000 cubic metres membrane LNG carrier with three separate same size vessels. 

Conducting LNG STS operations is highly complex, as the vessels are under pressure. The operator transfer LNG at approximately minus 161 degrees Celcius. Also, boil off gas (BoG) needs to be carefully managed between the attending vessels. 

The company says it carefully conducted all the pre-operation due diligence, including risk assessments, dynamic mooring studies, and compatibility assessments.

During the operations, operation and technical marine teams supported the offshore team. As a result, all parties achieved success.

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Managing director Elizabeth Skinner said: “We look forward to continually supporting the growth of the LNG market and the transition to cleaner fuels and deliver many more successful LNG STS transfers to our customers.”