First commercial shipment of low-carbon ammonia sent to Taiwan Fertilizer

SABIC Agri-Nutrients, a petrochemical company from Saudi Arabia, in collaboration with energy company Aramco, has sent the first commercial shipment of low-carbon ammonia to Taiwan Fertilizer Company.

Courtesy of SABIC Agri-Nutrients

On its social media, SABIC said the shipment reflects its commitment to delivering low-carbon solutions to its customers and helping them achieve their net-zero targets in various areas, including clean energy transitions and low-carbon chemicals and fertilizer solutions.

In April this year, Aramco announced that a shipment of low-carbon ammonia has arrived in Japan for use as fuel in power generation. More specifically, it was transported to the Fuji Oil company’s Sodegaura Refinery for use in co-fired power generation.

The shipment is the result of a multiparty collaboration across the low-carbon ammonia value chain, with the ammonia produced by SABIC Agri-Nutrients.

At the time, Aramco said the low-carbon ammonia that reached Japan is part of broader efforts by Aramco and SABIC to establish a global supply network for the fuel, adding that the two companies aim to supply low-carbon ammonia to other players to meet their early demand needs.

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in 2022, Aramco and SABIC received the world’s first independent accreditation for low-carbon hydrogen and ammonia products, and by the end of the year, the two delivered the world’s first accredited low-carbon ammonia shipment to South Korea.

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