FNX Technologies brings GFS Corp LNG systems to Peru

FNX Technologies brings GFS Corp LNG conversion systems to Peru

FNX Technologies said it will be the exclusive distributor in Peru for the EVO-MT Systems. 

GFS Corp’s technology is an aftermarket conversion system that allows 100+ ton haul trucks to operate using a combination of liquid natural gas and diesel fuel.

In many parts of the world, liquid natural gas, or LNG, is available at a substantial cost savings over diesel fuel. The EVO-MT System brings a significant fuel cost saving to mines that that have the availability of liquid natural gas. Additional benefits are also obtained, as LNG is a cleaner burning and more sustainable fuel source.

Currently, GFS Corp offers conversions systems for four truck models, Caterpillar 777 and 793 as well as the Komatsu 830 and 930. Both Caterpillar and Komatsu systems have been in daily operation at mines in the western United States successfully accumulating tens of thousands of hours of run time while allowing significant fuel cost savings to the operators.


Press Release, September 25, 2014; Image: GFS Corp

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