Forum Energy Technologies Successfully Tests BOP-AT in Africa

Forum Energy Technologies BOP-AT Test Successful

Houston based Forum Energy Technologies, Inc. announced today the successful testing of its subsea Blowout Preventer Actuation Tool (BOP-AT) on a live well off the coast of West Africa at a water depth of over 1000 meters. The tool closes the blow out preventer remotely using only the power provided by a remotely operated vehicle (ROV).

When a problem occurs on an offshore well and underground pressure forces oil or gas into the wellbore, a Blowout Preventer (BOP) is the first line of defense to stop the flow of formation fluids and prevent damage to surface modules and the surrounding environment. If the BOP cannot be operated by conventional means, the only option left is to actuate the BOP using a ROV. For this to occur quickly and safely the ROV must have the capacity to deliver fluids at very high pressure.

Forum’s BOP-AT is designed to be operated by a workclass ROV, delivering over 300 liters per minute of fluid at pressures up to 7500psi. It fully actuates most BOPs in under 45 seconds, which seals the wellbore. The tool can be fitted to a ROV, a ROV skid assembly or directly to a BOP.

Designed with speed and accuracy in mind, the Forum BOP-AT can deliver the required flow using various types of fluids such as seawater, mineral oils or glycol fluids through the actuation port of a BOP. The Forum BOP-AT provides sufficient pressure to activate the BOP Ram, allowing the BOP to shear and seal the drill pipe.

Cris Gaut, Forum’s Chairman and CEO, commented on the Forum BOP-AT, “We worked hand in hand with our major oil company customers in the development of this tool. They came to us with a problem and we developed an effective solution. We believe this is an important product that strengthens our reputation as a solutions provider for the subsea industry.”

Source: Forum Energy Technologies, May 16, 2012