France calls for tidal and wave projects

The French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) has opened a tender for tidal and wave energy projects.

The call aims to finance wave, marine and river tidal, and technology demonstration projects. The tender consists of three parts.

Under the first part of the call, marine tidal and wave energy projects with the annual output of over 250 MW/h are being sought.

The second part of the call is seeking proposals for technology that would accelerate the development of renewable energy at sea. ADEME is seeking innovative technology components for tidal, wave and floating turbines.

The call concerns following technology components: electrical equipment, PTO, generators, cables, anchors, floating solutions, and innovative installation and maintenance methods, among others.

The third part of the call is focused on river and estuarine tidal energy generation. The eligible projects must consist of at least five turbines with 30 kW capacity each.

The funding, provided under the ‘Investment for future’ programme (PIA), targets projects whose overall cost is greater or equal to €2 mln.

The deadline for the project proposals is March 20, 2017, with two intermediary closures set for January 25, 2016, and September 19, 2016.

Image: Alstom/Illustration