Fuelink: New AI-based digital platform for bunker data management launched

Fuelink, a maritime technology provider, has launched its new digital platform providing a key resource for bunker data management and fuel supply optimization.

As informed, the solution will enable effective fueling strategy forecasting, bunker price comparisons and compliance with the European Union’s Emissions Trading System (EU ETS), including inventory management of EU Allowances (EUAs).

The bunker-specific digital platform has been designed to improve transparency, efficiency, and control with all bunker-related information stored in one place. Combining information taken automatically from AIS and noon reports with its AI-based management tool and third party benchmarking, Fuelink allows the simulation and comparison of both conventional and alternative fuels on different routes, enabling users to make informed decisions on where and when to bunker to achieve the most cost-effective voyage. This includes real-time bunkering readiness data at each port to avoid unnecessary downtime.

Fuelink also supports EU ETS compliance and inventory management of EUAs. Users can upload voyage schedules and calculate ETS costs instantaneously, simulating EUAs at different prices before buying through the platform at the optimum time, and automatically keeping a record of all those purchased in a standalone inventory system.

“The shipping industry requires a digital bunker data management system developed by bunkering and Ship operations professionals that gives full visibility and enables better decisions in optimising the bunker value chain. We understand that uncertainty costs money and fragmented information sitting in various systems takes time to manually collate and analyse. This has been the status quo in the global marine fuel supply industry,” Konstantin Bronetskyi, General Manager at Fuelink, said.

“Now, we have developed the Fuelink platform to bring together real time data, allowing machine learning to simulate fuel cost scenarios, create automated reporting and alerts, measure bunkering performance, and support GHG emissions management.”

“The power of this combined data will streamline the user’s operations. Being able to access useful, and digestible information at the touch of a button has never been more critical. By aiding transparency and significantly improving efficiency, Fuelink supports confident and informed decision-making that will aid regulatory compliance while also saving time and money,” Bronetskyi added.

Fuelink acts as a central repository for all bunker-related information. The platform records and tracks all deliveries, hosting bunker delivery notes (BDNs), invoices, surveyor reports, Certificates of Quality (CoQs), ISCC information, bunker sampling and analysis reports, statement of facts, and claims handling documentation. This provides ease of access and improves auditing, benchmarking and automated reporting for operational and legal teams.

Fuelink has been developed in conjunction with maritime energy solutions provider, Baseblue and diversified fleet owner, Schoeller Holdings. The two organizations have provided valuable insights in the development phase and many of their customers are already benefitting from using the platform.

“Fuelink’s sophisticated AI approach is an invaluable tool for us. It enables optimal bunkering performance and stringent emission control and helps us meet our ESG targets. Our fleet will operate at its highest potential and this holds true for Schoeller Holdings and the entire Columbia Group’s managed fleet,” Mark O’Neil, President of Schoeller Holdings, said.

In related news, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) launched last year the world’s first digital bunkering initiative, becoming the first port in the world to implement electronic bunker delivery notes (e-BDN).

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