Fugro Acquires Advanced Geomechanics Pty (Australia)

Fugro Acquires Advanced Geomechanics Pty (Australia)

Fugro has reached agreement to acquire Advanced Geomechanics Pty Ltd in Perth, Australia.

Advanced Geomechanics is a consulting company providing highly specialised geotechnical and geophysical engineering and consulting services to the oil and gas sector in Australia and the rest of the world. The company has a team of highly qualified and experienced consultants and, with their unique knowledge database, the company is widely acknowledged as provider of high quality, innovative design solutions and technical advice for the international offshore industry. Avanced Geomechanics consulting activities are complemented by state-of-the-art laboratory and sample storage facilities. The company generated revenues of AU$ 30 million (EUR 21 million) in 2012, has its main office in Perth and employs some 70 people.

The acquisition will contribute to Fugro’s strategy to provide clients with fully integrated solutions from data acquisition, processing and analysis through to advise and to develop GeoConsultancy as a key element of further growth.

Advanced Geomechanics will become part of Fugro’s global GeoConsultancy practice, which will allow Advanced Geomechanics to further internationalise its business and to enhance its services to its Australian clients.

Completion of the acquisition is expected before the end of the year.

Fugro’s geotechnical soil data collection, lab testing and consultancy services are centered around onshore, nearshore and offshore site investigation. The geotechnical information is used to design foundations for offshore structures, on and offshore pipelines, ports, large buildings, bridges, and other infrastructure. Fugro is the largest global supplier of offshore geotechnical services and in onshore Fugro holds leading positions in many regional and local markets.


Press Release, November 26, 2013