Gabadi, AJH open LNG joint venture in China

Spanish company Gabadi and its Chinese partner, AojiHeng Offshore Engineering (AJH) have opened their joint venture, Gabadi Marine Engineering in Pudong, Shanghai.

Gabadi, the first membrane tank outfitter licensed by GTT is looking to enter the Chinese market and contribute to the development of the LNG retail shipping and the gas-fueled ships with Chinese shipyards.

AJH, the Chinese outfitter, is focusing on new trends in shipbuilding technologies and is looking to secure a major share in the LNG as fuel market.

Speaking of the joint venture, Gabadi’s CEO and JV chairman, Antonio Jose Llago Hermida said the new company will “enhance the competitiveness of Chinese shipyards in building gas fueled ships and small/mid-scale LNG carriers by implementing the competitive GTT LNG tank technologies in its role as an outfitter.”

The joint venture has been awarded the technical assistance and license agreement (TALA) certification, allowing the company to perform construction of LNG containment systems following its specifications.