GAC: Five Yemeni Ports Open, Three Remain Closed

A total of five Yemeni ports, namely Salif, Hodeidah, Mokha, Aden and Mukalla, are now open while three still remain closed due to the continuation of armed conflict between Houthi rebels and Saudi-led Coalition forces, Gulf Agency Company reports.

Most major ports in Yemen have resumed normal operation but GAC said that vessels calling at Yemeni ports still need clearance from the Saudi Arabian-led coalition prior to entering Yemeni waters.

The ports which remain closed are Ras Isa, Balhaf and Ash Shihr, according to a report dated December 3, 2015.

GAC added that the situation could change rapidly and vessels calling at Yemeni ports are recommended to always assess the current situation prior to entering Yemeni waters.

“It is advisable to make frequent checks with local sources of information, e.g. vessel’s agent, Gard’s correspondent, etc. to obtain the most up to date and reliable information available at any given time,” Gard said.

Vessels must obtain an entry permission from the Ministry of Transport prior to arrival.

Entry to Yemeni territorial waters will be permitted only following an inspection by the naval forces of Saudi Arabian-led coalition. Once a vessel reaches the outskirts of Bab Al Mandab, some 3nm from Yemen’s territorial waters, a notice of arrival must be called in by the master. The naval forces of the Saudi Arabian-led coalition will then advise where the vessel should anchor pending completion of the inspection and approval of the port entry.

Once the vessel is allowed to enter port, the master must register the vessel’s arrival with the port authorities and will then be assigned an anchoring position until the berthing time is confirmed by the harbour master.

“The political situation in the Yemen remains volatile and … members and clients are advised to warn their vessels’ crews and to carry out an assessment of the risks involved prior to entering or transiting Yemeni waters.”

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