GE Supplies DP Technology to Hornbeck’s Subsea Construction Vessel

GE Supplies DP Technology to Hornbeck’s Subsea Construction Vessel

Imagine holding a 100-meter long, subsea construction vessel in position as it lowers with its 250-ton crane, heavy subsea modules to the seabed.

GE’s Power Conversion takes the guess work out of complex dynamic positioning (DP) operations with its advanced human-machine interface (HMI) and returns ship control to the mariner, so skilled DP operators can once again focus on the task of ship handling. When the system is operating in its new “Energy Efficiency” mode, it offers the owner/operator reduced fuel consumption with the associated reduction in engine emissions continuing with GE’s global mission for a greener environment.

Hornbeck Offshore will employ Power Conversion’s latest generation DP technology for its four new multipurpose supply vessels (MPSVs).

In their role as MPSVs, they can operate as either a subsea construction vessel capable of performing complex subsea construction operations or as a resupply and support vessel to ultra deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, or anywhere else in the world as required by their charterers.

“The DP solution and its user interface is the heart of a ship’s positioning system. When we can continue to work with a company that knows us, has supplied us with systems in the past and, with our input, can supply us with a next generation system we can rely on, it remarkably enhances our mission to provide value-added business solutions for our own customers,” says Carl G. Annessa, executive vice president and chief operating officer at Hornbeck Offshore.

He adds, “By using GE’s next generation solution, we gain efficiency and flexibility thanks to a commonality of systems, as well as access to a global team of experts.”

GE will power, propel and position the new ships by delivering the integrated diesel-electric system including generators, propulsion and thruster drives, motors, switchboards, LV distribution, transformers, Class 2 DP, power management, alarm and monitoring, vessel control and an integrated bridge system comprising a comprehensive navigation and communications suite including radars, ECDIS, GMDSS and a full suite of internal and external communications systems.

It’s extremely satisfying to work with a partner like Hornbeck Offshore Services and over time, watch our technology contribute to their success in the offshore industry,’ says Paul English, marine leader, GE Power Conversion.

Because of our longstanding relationships, we have a deep understanding of our customer needs; in this case, for improved user interface and the ever present drive to reduce fuel consumption. We translated those needs into a radically new DP system solution that enhances the way they work. In the design of our new DP HMI we included observations and comments from senior DP operators and operations managers at Hornbeck Offshore, derived over a period of months in formal and informal discussions, to help ensure that we were providing them with a system that fulfilled their operational needs.”

GE is also equipping Hornbeck’s series of 10 platform supply vessels (PSVs), the first, HOS Red Dawn was delivered 21 June of this year and has been operating very successfully ever since.

Launched in May this year at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston Texas, Power Conversion’s latest generation of dynamic positioning redefines DP with unprecedented flexibility for effective maritime operations. Its advanced HMI returns ship control to the mariner, so skilled DP operators can once again focus on the task of ship handling and be freed from the constraints of complex computer interface. The new DP control system also embodies improvements to energy efficiency and sustainability.

As part of GE’s ecomagination™ portfolio, the new DP system supports GE’s commitment to deliver cleaner and more-efficient sources of energy.

GE Power Conversion will be exhibiting at Kormarine, Busan, Korea booth 3J09. If you have a question or require more information about GE Power Conversion and would like to discuss this with a company representative, please visit us at Kormarine.

Press Release, October 15, 2013; Image: GE


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