GH2 to develop Ireland’s first hydrogen valley

The Galway Hydrogen Hub (GH2) consortium has proposed to develop Ireland’s first hydrogen valley, a regional ecosystem that links H2 research, production, and distribution with end-users.

hydrogen valley GH2 to develop Ireland's first hydrogen valley
Photograph by Eamon Ward; Courtesy of SSER

The GH2 is a consortium consisting of seven members. These are: NUI Galway, the Port of Galway, CIÉand Bus Éireann, Aran Islands Ferries, Lasta Mara Teo, Aer Arann Islands, and SSE Renewables.

The consortium wants to develop a hydrogen valley in the Galway region, similar to those in other European countries. It is a regional ecosystem that links H2 research, production, and distribution with various end-users such as transport and industry.

The is to position Galway as the home of Ireland’s first hydrogen valley, providing green hydrogen for use in transport and industry.

The intended hydrogen transport hub could be fully operational by the second half of 2024.

Green hydrogen can provide security of energy supply, assist in countering long-term energy price fluctuation, and make a significant contribution to reducing Ireland’s GHG emissions.

It is produced when renewable electricity is used to split water into its component parts of oxygen and hydrogen through the process of electrolysis. It emits only water vapor into the atmosphere. Most recognise green hydrogen as crucial to making the cuts in GHG emissions while reducing the need to import fossil fuels.

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John O’Sullivan, SSE Renewables’ project manager for GH2 said: “Green hydrogenH2 is gaining global recognition as a means of decarbonising heavy-duty and long-distance transport as well as industry. The development of Ireland’s first hydrogen valley in Galway Harbour will allow us to utilise indigenous renewable energy to produce green hydrogen for use by local air, sea, road and rail transport alongside industry.”