Government’s Uncertainty Worries Hull Council Leader (UK)

Government’s Uncertainty Worries Hull Council Leader (UK)

Steve Brady, Leader of the Hull City Council, expressed his concerns over the Government’s uncertain support for the renewables.

Since Siemens is one of the signatories of the letter sent to the British Government regarding energy policies, Mr. Brady is worried about the company’s plan to build a GBP 60 million offshore wind turbine assembly plant at Hull’s Alexandra Dock.

Siemens got the planning permission for the facility earlier this year, but has yet to confirm the proposal, making its final decision.

This is Hull and East Riding news site quotes Councillor’s worries: “I know for a fact Siemens is perfectly happy with us.

“Like any potential investor, they want a degree of certainty before they spend their money and this Government is not providing that at the moment.”

He concluded: “The previous Labour Government made it very clear they supported renewable energy and offshore wind in particular and would provide the necessary support to make it happen.

“I am fairly certain that was one of the main reasons Siemens decided to look at Hull in the first place.”


Offshore WIND staff, October 9, 2012; Image: Siemens