Grain de Sail

Grain de Sail to launch trans-channel wind-powered shipping line

French company Grain de Sail, a fully integrated operator for wind-propelled maritime transportation, revealed plans to launch a new sail-powered shipping line between Saint-Malo in France and Southampton in the UK.

Grain de Sail

The environmentally friendly shipping line is set to be launched on December 15, 2023.

As informed, the second Grain De Sail’s cargo sailboat will be operational in January 2024 and will replace the company’s first cargo sailboat on the transatlantic routes St-Malo-New York City.

Back in February 2022, the French company ordered the second sailboat. Shipbuilder Piriou was selected to manufacture the hull at its shipyard in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam while Lorima was contracted to provide the rigging and install it in Lorient, France.

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With a length of 52 meters and a carrying capacity of 350 tons, the newbuilding will be more suitable for transatlantic sailing than the company’s first ship which has a length of 24 meters and a capacity of 50 tons, according to Grain de Sail.

Therefore, the company has decided to utilize its first smaller ship, Grain de Sail I, for short-sea deliveries.

“We are inaugurating this new route to the UK in just a few weeks. We’ll be carrying 26 pallets of French goods onboard providing an LCL service by the pallet directly on the cargo sailboat. And we will also be loading UK products on the return trip back to France,” Grain de Sail said.

“With our pure sailing vessel we can exceed 90% carbon reduction. Future routes within UK and Ireland as well as within Europe are also under study.”