Greenstat and Everfuel to jointly develop Hydrogen Hub Agder in Norway

Greenstat and Everfuel to jointly develop Hydrogen Hub Agder in Norway

Danish green hydrogen fuel provider Everfuel and Norwegian energy company Greenstat will in a joint venture establish a hydrogen hub in Norway, called Hydrogen Hub Agder.

Illustration Courtesy of Everfuel
Greenstat and Everfuel to jointly develop Hydrogen Hub Agder in Norway
Illustration Courtesy of Everfuel

Following up on the cooperation deal from July 2021, Greenstat and Everfuel say that they are actively pursuing establishing a hydrogen hub in Kristiansand, Norway. The project is based on a 51/49 joint venture between Everfuel and Greenstat.

In a collaboration between the two parties and the industry companies Elkem and Glencore Nikkelverk, they will work towards a hydrogen production facility. The facility will be accompanied by a distribution centre targeting the shipping segment.

The construction will consist of two phases; firstly, there is a hydrogen production facility with a 20 megawatts electrolyser producing around eight metric tonnes of green H2 per day. The second phase, to be commissioned in 2027, expands the PtX facility to a 60 megawatts electrolyser.

The project partners are collaborating with Elkem for the lease of land at the seafront on the Fiskaa industrial compound near the harbors. The location close to the harbors makes it ideal for maritime hydrogen supplies using both container swapping and cascade fuelling. A group of partners have entered into intention agreements to offtake hydrogen in Kristiansand. 

Holland-Norway Lines, FFS Marine, and Arriva Shipping have all signed letters of intent, expressing their interest in offtaking H2 from the facility. Asko Agder and Implenia, among others, have signed letters of intent to offtake hydrogen from the project.

Furthermore, a letter of intent has been signed with Glencore Nikkelverk for the offtake of the excess oxygen from the production facility. Combined with potential use of excess heat from the facility in collaboration with Elkem Carbon, Everfuel and Greenstat will create a highly energy-efficient PtX-facility.

“The development of Hydrogen Hub Agder is a manifestation of the fruitful collaboration we have with Greenstat, who are equally dedicated as us in making green hydrogen commercially available. In this project, we have managed to engage with a number of visionary and ambitious partners, who are all exploring different ways of decarbonising their operations. We look forward to developing competitive hydrogen solutions for multiple purposes in collaboration with Greenstat, and to make above all shipping, but also mobility and industry a bit greener in Norway,” says Helge Skaarberg Holen from Everfuel.

“We have a clear ambition together with Kristiansand municipality and Agder county to realise the ‘Electric Region Agder’ vision and to make the maritime sector fossil-free,” says Torstein Thorsen Ekern from Greenstat Energy.

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The commissioning of the first phase is to take place in late 2024.

The parties have recently submitted a funding application to ENOVA to help realise this important contribution to the green shift in the region.