Grimsby Hosts Renewable Energy Skills Fair

Grimsby Institute yesterday played host to the iMPact Renewable Energy Skills Fair which saw major renewable energy employers and education and training specialists provide tips, advice and information to anyone interested in working in the renewable energy and supply chain industries.

Melanie Onn, the MP for Great Grimsby, hosted the event which comprised of two sessions running from 4.30pm to 6pm and 6.30pm to 8pm local time.

The earlier session, Career Pathways, was aimed at students and young people who were interested in finding out more about the core competencies, skills and qualifications they need for a future in the renewable industry.

The second session, Career Changers, was for anyone who was looking to transfer their existing skills to the renewable energy and supply chain industries.

”Local investment in the renewable energy sector is creating economic benefit and employment opportunities in our region,” Onn said.

”Grimsby has recently been named the renewable energy capital of England and now the world’s largest offshore wind farm is to be built off our coast. As the MP for Great Grimsby, I want to make sure that as many people as possible from the area have the opportunity to find out more about what those opportunities are and how they can benefit from them.”