Photo: Illustration only; Courtesy of GTT

GTT signs major contract for smart shipping solution

French LNG containment specialist GTT has signed a contract for its smart shipping solution GTT Digital to equip more than thirty vessels of an LNG shipment company within two years.

GTT signs major smart shipping solution contract
Illustration only; Courtesy of GTT

GTT said in a statement it signed a major contract with a major player in the shipment of LNG. This contract includes the deployment of sensors, automatic data collection systems, and intelligent software to manage and optimise the energy and environmental performance of the vessels.

The contract also provides periodic consulting support of GTT Digital’s experts to perform customised data analysis and produce operational reporting.

The company says that, through its smart shipping solutions, it has been supporting the maritime industry in its digital and energy transformation by allowing shipowners to monitor in real-time the emissions of their vessels in order to limit their environmental impact.  

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Philippe Berterottière, CEO of GTT, said:  “We are delighted to sign this significant contract for our smart shipping technology, GTT Digital, which contributes to making maritime transport greener.