Photo: Courtesy of H2Carrier

H2Carrier and Eurowind to develop green marine fuels

Norway-based company H2Carrier and Danish renewable energy project developer Eurowind Energy have agreed to cooperate on making the marine fuel market greener.

H2Carrier and Eurowind to develop green marine fuels
Courtesy of H2Carrier

The parties have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to develop green fuels from wind and solar power. Specifically, they will perform a technical and commercial study of converting renewable wind power to green ammonia by use of H2Carrier’s floating production unit, the P2XFloater.

The parties want to enable e-ammonia for the maritime sector using the European wind sector and solar resources as feedstock for the P2XFloater. The floating production vessel is for safe industry-scale ammonia production.

We are excited to join forces with Eurowind with the aim of offering green ammonia to the industrial and marine fuel market. Eurowinf Energy has access to a primary market with + 25,000 kilometres of coastline which, matched with the P2XFloater system, represent major opportunities for near-shore production of low carbon fuels,” said H2Carrier CEO Marten Lunde.

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Henrik Lykke Sorensen from Eurowind added: “P2XFloater provides Eurowind with the opportunity for a fast-track development of renewable power resources and enables us to participate in the rapidly growing market for low carbon fuels.”