HB Rentals Launches Remote Communications Service

HB Rentals Launches Remote Communications Service

Offshore and onshore accommodation specialist, HB Rentals, a Superior Energy Services company, announced that it has launched HB DataMAX, a remote rig site communications service that offers solutions with faster speed, greater reliability and better call quality than previous technologies.

HB DataMAX is at the forefront of enhancing communication across remote and varying terrain for drilling and production operations. Utilizing the newest LTE technology, HB DataMAX operates at speeds faster than satellite communication with greater network redundancy and highly competitive rates.

“HB DataMAX has been field-tested and is already being used in the Permian Basin and Eagle Ford shale plays, as well as areas throughout the Texas panhandle,” said Deidre Toups, president of HB Rentals. “We anticipate expanding this technology throughout the world as network providers expand their coverage.”

As the industry continues to focus on maximizing productivity, communication services are essential to maintaining an effective flow of communication. The more efficient the communication service (data, voice, video, Internet) the higher the rate of productivity for day-to-day decision making in remote operations.

HB Rentals serves as a single-source provider for all communication needs – including traditional VSAT equipment, intercom systems and phone/fax lines – and has a support team in the field to ensure operators eliminate downtime dealing with communication challenges.


Press Release, October 17, 2013


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