Holland Shipyards’ Subsidiary Builds New Accommodations

Holland Shipyards' Subsidiary Builds New Accommodations

Holland Accommodation Rentals, a subsidiary of Holland Shipyards, has started the construction of their new design stand-alone, self-supporting rental offshore accommodations.

The modules, based on an already proven “Mix-and-match” philosophy will be constructed in such a way that a variety of markets can be served. The target markets for these modules include Offshore Support Vessels, Marine, Flat-top Barges and Offshore Drilling Platforms.

The modules’ ideal setup provides accommodation for 80 persons (higher or lower complement can be provided upon request), with the following amenities:

• Cabins with en-suite bathroom

• Galley

• Stores (dry, cool and freeze)

• Restaurant

• Changing room

• Offices

• Gym

• Laundry area

• Hospital

• Control room

The technical systems are also laid-out for the same amount of people.

These systems include:

• Generators

• RO water makers

• Sewage treatment plant

• Boilers

• Water pressure sets

• HVAC system (system per module)

• Tank capacities (sea water, fresh water, sewage holding, treated sewage, fuel)

The modules are built measuring 15 x 10,5 x 3 m with a 2,30 m internal height in the accommodations.

Five types are available:

• Accommodation module (20 persons complement)

• Restaurant module (with cooler, freezer, dry store and galley)

• Facilities module (with changing room, laundry, offices, gym and hospital)

• Technical module (with technical systems, control room and tanks)

• Technical / Facilities module (combination of facilities module and technical module mentioned before, but for a smaller complement or to be used when a footprint restriction applies.)

The modules are built under Lloyd’s class and comply with SPS, MOU and MLC2006 demands.

With this concept one is no longer required to break into existing (or non-existing) ship systems on its vessel or barge. Also Holland Accommodation Rentals provides you a minimum of down-time required for the mobilization. (approx. 5 days for a 80 person setup)

Holland Shipyards, February 27, 2013