Radio Holland commissions first Fleet Broadband

In December 2007 Radio Holland installed and commissioned the first Fleet Broadband terminal on MOV Van Kinsbergen. Radio Holland Netherlands was contacted by Stratos to arrange the installation of a Thrane & Thrane SAILOR-500 Fleet Broadband terminal on board this vessel of the Royal Netherlands Navy. The installation is part of a field test into the new maritime broadband service.

The Royal Netherlands Navy was selected by the Inmarsat distribution partner Stratos as one of the first customers in a worldwide test of the new maritime broadband service. As Radio Holland Netherlands is a Thrane & Thrane agent in The Netherlands and a Stratos business partner, Stratos contacted Radio Holland to perform the installation and commissioning of the SAILOR-500 with the world’s first activated simcard. Furthermore Radio Holland realized the integration with the AmosConnect e-mail system.