Downhole tooling deal

Aberdeen-based Peak Well Services which specialises in wireline work has landed a £550,000 deal to provide ultra heavy-duty downhole fishing tools to oil and gas contractor Qserv.

Peak is to provide a comprehensive package of fishing tools including non-standard recovery equipment, debris recovery and removal systems for use during technical problems on oil and gas wells.

With the agreement in place, Qserv will be able to offer heavy-duty well recovery work in addition to its other services which range from coil-tubing to wireline and pumping work, as well as pipeline and process services.

In addition to supplying the equipment to Qserv, Peak, which was established in Perth, Australia in 2003 and which only recently established a base in Aberdeen, will also provide training for Qserv personnel using the new tooling and provide a 24-hour technical support service to back it up.