Hi-tech boat crucial in rescue

A state-of-the-art rescue boat which played a crucial role in pulling 15 oil workers to safety in the North Sea was on its first “real life” mission.

Those involved in designing the autonomous rescue and recovery craft (ARRC) have hailed it a huge success.

The vessel was commissioned by BP as part of a programme of measures aimed at improving safety in the North Sea.

It picked up 15 of the 18 people who ended up in the water after a Super Puma came down on Wednesday evening.

The designers now hope other offshore oil companies and coastguard rescue teams will consider using the ARRCs.

Dr Matthew Mills, an occupational physician specialising in hostile environments, was part of the team which developed the rescue craft.

He told the BBC Scotland news website: “It was very exciting for us to see the boat deployed ‘for real’ for the first time, and see it successfully rescue multiple people from the water.