The Interim Report for Q2, 2008, will be presented and questions answered.
Hans Norén, President
Göran Hermansson, Financial Manager
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Conference title: Concordia Maritime

Recorded conference is available until 20 August 2008.
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Concordia Maritime AB (publ) is an international tanker shipping company concentrating on the product tanker segment. The company has ordered ten vessels, which are being built in accordance with the MAX concept. These vessels, P-MAX, are product tankers of about 65,200 dwt.
The MAX concept means that the vessels are designed for maximum loading capacity in shallow waters. In addition to having mandatory double hulls, they have been designed according to a new concept for safer oil transportation with double main engines in two completely separate engine rooms, double rudders and steering gear, two propellers and double control systems. The ultimate in transport economy and safety.