Huisman’s Offshore Mast Cranes for Jumbo’s New Vessel

Jumbo has hired Huisman Equipment to design and construct two offshore mast cranes for their new heavy lift crane vessel (HLCV) to be delivered in the first quarter of 2020. 

The main crane will have a 2,500t capacity, while Jumbo has opted for a triple hoist to allow for complex upending operations. The company also chose an Active Heave Compensation (AHC) auxiliary block of 600 mt with a depth rating of 3,000 meters.

The second subsea crane, rated at 3,000 meters, will have capacity for 400t with an Active Heave Compensation (AHC) main hoist to control the position of a load relative to the seabed.

Michael Kahn, managing director of Jumbo said: “This year Jumbo is proud to celebrate 50 years in business. This also marks the continuation of our long lasting relationship with our partners in Huisman. Our new HLCV, equipped with these cutting edge cranes, enables Jumbo to further step-up, scale-up and diversify into the global offshore energy market.”

The HLCV, designed  with Ulstein Design and Solutions, has a length of 185 meters and a width of 36 meters.