Hydrex Repairs Drillship in GoM

Hydrex mobilized a team of diver/technicians to perform repairs on a 225-meter drillship after its transit flap came loose and caused damage in the aft bulkhead and a leak in the ballast tank situated behind the moonpool hull.

The vessel was located in Trinidad but was about to start a contract in Grand Isles, Gulf of Mexico.

After inspecting the damage, Hydrex team disconnected the transit flap. It was then lowered to the ocean bottom and towed away. In addition, the divers took all the measurements needed to design a repair plan for the second phase.

The drillship then sailed to the Gulf of Mexico due to the limited time frame which did not allow for a permanent repair to be carried out at that point.

The final stage of the repair was wrapped up with the installation of five doubler plates over the damaged areas in the aft bulkhead after Hydrex met up with the drillship in Gulf of Mexico.