Duo demonstrates hydrogen-powered subsea control systems

Norwegian Innova and the U.S. Teledyne Energy System have partnered to demonstrate the use of hydrogen for local power of subsea control systems.

hydrogen-powered subsea control system
Courtesy of Innova

Specifically, the companies conducted validation testing of Teledyne’s Subsea Fuel Cell Supercharger, a hydrogen and oxygen fuel cell electric power source designed to operate on the ocean floor with no connection to the surface.

The validation test, which took place at the Norwegian Center for Offshore Education, Tau Autonomy Center in Tau, Norway, included a well intervention simulation in which the Subsea Supercharger powered a subsea hydraulic pumping unit (sHPU) developed by Innova.

The two systems were integrated and effectively deployed to a depth of 235 metres where a low viscosity fluid was pumped to a pressure of 180 bar for 30 minutes, six times a day.

The Subsea Supercharger seamlessly transitioned from “Sleep-mode” to “On” in response to power demands from the sHPU as it repeatedly cycled on and off, the companies explained.

Designed to be deployed to a depth of 1000 metres and provide up to 8 kW of steady-state power, the Subsea Supercharger is configurable for more than 3 MWh of energy capacity.

The system was designed to provide the offshore oil and gas community with an environmentally responsible backup power alternative for failing umbilical power sources as well as untethered power for greenfield development or brownfield sustainment.

It is also capable of powering resident ROVs, providing energy for an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) charging docks, backup power for subsea control systems, and supports the transition to green hydrogen from fossil-fueled surface-based systems.

According to Innova, the demonstration allows technology gaps to be closed by integrating advanced technology in a realistic application and under actual operating conditions.

Teledyne added that the next validation test will occur in the spring of 2022 and will incorporate the Subsea Supercharger with an AUV charging dock to demonstrate untethered long-duration AUV operations. 

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