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Hydrogen production study for new Edison plant in Porto Marghera

Edison, Eni and Ansaldo Energia will jointly launch a feasibility study for the production of green and blue hydrogen for the new Edison plant in Porto Marghera.

Hydrogen production study for new Edison plant in Porto Marghera
Courtesy of Eni

The three Italian energy companies have signed an agreement to launch a feasibility study. The study will specifically look into the production of green hydrogen, produced through water electrolysis, or blue with the use of natural gas, from which the CO2 produced is captured.

The intention is to replace a portion of natural gas as fuel for the new Edison plant in Porto Marghera. 

The plant is to enter commercial operation within the second half of 2022. It will use a high-efficiency turbine equipped using technology designed to be powered by hydrogen.

The deal comes from the need to develop the skills and technologies to contribute to the decarbonisation of the electricity sector; in line with the European Green Deal.

Giovanni Brianza from Edison said: “Hydrogen is a vector under development that will play an important role in the decarbonisation process of the country. In this context, Edison is developing several integrated projects for the production and use of hydrogen for the benefit of all end uses; from electricity generation to industry and sustainable mobility. To further reduce the environmental impact of its thermoelectric production fleet, Edison has already planned its adoption of gas turbines fuelled by mixtures of H2 and natural gas in its new generation combined cycle plants, which will allow a significant reduction of CO2 emissions “.

Giuseppe Ricci from Eni added: “Eni aims to become the main operator in the production and use of decarbonised hydrogen in Italy. In Porto Marghera, Eni promotes the development of the Hydrogen Valley by investing throughout the supply chain, from the production of biofuels to hydrogen for sustainable mobility.”

Claudio Nucci, CEO of Ansaldo Energia, said: “The GT36 class H turbine we built for the Edison thermoelectric plant in Marghera, is top of the range, not only in terms of performance but also of respect for the environment: a key tool in the path towards decarbonisation, as it is already prearranged for hydrogen combustion”.

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To note, Eni and Ansaldo Energia SpA are related parties.