ICE Conference Targets Severn Estuary Tidal Energy Issues (UK)

Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) Wales Cymru’s conference attracted leading industry experts to discuss the potential for harnessing tidal energy from the Severn Estuary, Penarth Times reports.

Keith Jones, director of ICE Wales Cymru was quoted as saying: “The Severn Estuary carries the potential to make a significant contribution to the UK’s energy needs and offers an opportunity to develop exportable renewable technologies. We are therefore encouraged that Hafren Power remains committed to making the environmental and economic case for a barrage to Government. Given the environmental issues, risks and costs associated with any first of a kind project of this scale – and the fact that it would require a guaranteed price for the electricity generated – it would be sensible to also explore other smaller, lower risk schemes.”

According to the experts, UK must reduce its carbon dioxide emissions and at the same time invest in a secure and affordable supply of power.

To achieve renewable energy targets, UK must increase the amount of electricity generated from renewable sources five-fold.


Subsea World News Staff, June 28, 2013