IHC wins order for wet bell handling system

IHC Hytech has secured a contract from an undisclosed client for the supply of a wet bell handling system.

Working together with its international offices IHC will deliver the equipment from IHC Singapore.

To ensure the safe deployment of divers, IHC Hytech delivers several types of heavy-duty and rigid diver handling systems.

According to the company, it uses the latest standards and regulations of the professional diving industry for its design engineering and build.

IHC Hytech also delivers the LARS system and diving gear, such as helmet lights, video communication and surface umbilical connections.


IHC Hytech’s WBHS consists of a strong, rigid and heavy base and A-frame with sheaves, as well as a top frame with hydraulic winches to hoist the bell and its clump weight, and a dive control container.

The WBHS allows three divers to work at a depth of up to 100 metres.

It is an open system, capable of integrating in a vessel.

The system is for intermittent operations and for undefined periods.

It can be completed with a containerised decompression chamber (20ft), and various additional diving materials.

These include hot water suits, a hot water supply unit, diving suits and helmets, as well as various underwater tools.

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