Image of the day: D10 tidal turbine nacelle in place

The nacelle for Sabella’s D10 tidal turbine has arrived to the port of Brest, France, where the assembly process is taking place.

The base of Sabella’s D10 tidal device is 20 by 20 meters in size.

It will carry a turbine of 10 meters in diameter.

It is 17 m high, what is the equivalent of a 5-story building, and the weight of the turbine is estimated to be 450 tons.

The turbine’s power capacity is rated up to 1 MW.

The deployment of the turbine is scheduled for April, 2015, in Fromveur Passage.

The electricity produced from the turbine will be fed to the grid connection of the Ushant island using MacArtney’s GreenLink connectivity solution.

Image: Sabella