Incat-Designed SMV 24 to Break Ground in WFSV Construction

Incat-Designed SMV 24 to Break Ground in WFSV Construction

Incat Crowther announced its role in delivering the detailed design of an exciting new Wind Farm Support Vessel, the SMV 24, unveiled by Supacat at the Seawork exhibition in Southampton last week. The new multi-purpose vessel is a fresh approach to the sector, offering unparalleled operational flexibility, comfort and safety. The new vessel is currently under construction at Mustang Marine in Wales, due for completion in September 2013.

Designed to perform multiple Wind Farm and Offshore maintenance roles, the vessel aims to achieve the goal of simplifying operators’ fleets by offering a platform that can perform many roles.

Central to its innovative design is its high-capacity, pillar-free cargo deck, which is flat from stem to stern. With cabin and hull accesses located outboard, the deck will be fitted with a set of container rails running the full length of the vessel. The length of the cabin overhead is limited to allow vertical loading of containers up to 10 feet on the aft deck and up to 20 feet on the forward deck.

Once on board, the containers can be moved forward and aft through the vessel. A deck crane mounted on a base frame can also be moved forward and aft on the rails.

Tie down points are fitted throughout the deck to allow containers, cargo pallets and the crane to be secured in any location. Removable hand rails will surround the deck, allowing safe personnel passageways on both sides of the vessel, linking the forward and aft boarding points with access to the passenger cabin, wet room and accommodation spaces.

A roller door mounted to the underside of the passenger cabin above allows the deck to be protected from the elements.

The upper deck cabin will be resiliently mounted, enhancing passenger comfort. It will be fitted with 12 seats on sprung bases. Combined with fold-down tables, the seats offer flexibility, allowing personnel to relax in a forward facing arrangement, or create booths around tables.

Incat-Designed SMV 24 to Break Ground in WFSV Construction

In addition to the seating, the cabin will also house a lounge, galley and head. Interior bulkheads separating the passenger cabin from the access stairs and wheelhouse will be glazed to improve visibility for personnel.

The upper deck wheelhouse is raised to improve visibility, both forward and aft. Skylights are fitted in the wheelhouse to give operators a view of turbines when docking.

Two crew are accommodated in cabins in each hull, each with a bathroom. These have dedicated access stairs, allowing them to be accessed internally from the upper deck passenger cabin and the main deck wet room.

The vessel will be powered by MAN V12 D2862 LE463 main engines, producing 1400hp each and coupled to a pair of controllable-pitch propellers. The vessel will have a speed of 30 knots, whilst providing class leading thrust for engaging with pylons due to CPP propulsion.

Designed with a robust hull with high freeboard, the vessel will offer excellent seakeeping; ensuring personnel arrive at offshore destinations in good shape, and can transfer to installations in a safe manner.

Incat Crowther is part of a team created by Supacat that includes Mustang Marine and DNV, whom together have yielded an innovative concept that will offer greater flexibility in the way operators will deploy vessels to offshore destinations such as wind farms and other wider marine engineering tasks.

Press Release, July 2, 2013