Indonesia: Jakarta Government Readies for Rivers Cleanup

Jakarta Government Plans River Cleanup

Jakarta Provincial Government plans an important river cleanup project, according to Beritajakarta.

This ambitious plan includes measures to clean the garbage-choked rivers across Jakarta.

The administration will place garbage traps at numerous locations in the city’s rivers, especially in flood prone areas to help reduce water pollution.

The government plan also includes recruiting of people who can help perform the cleanup.

We are targeting to recruit 3,100 people. This is because with 1,600 people, we can only clean 100 out of 300 tons of trash per day,” said Budi Karya, the Head of Technical Unit Management (UPT) for Trash Handling, Water, and City Parks.

Water pollution in this area is a serious threat at present and in the future.

Among factors contributing to river pollution are: changes in land use, population growth, lack of public awareness of river basin conservation, pollution caused by erosion of critical land, industrial waste, household and agricultural waste.

The party of Budi Karya plans to buy five amphibious excavators which could be deployed to dredge the polluted rivers and improve the flow capacities.


Dredging Today Staff, April 3, 2014