Innovative Monobase GBF to Undergo Testing at MARIN

Monobase Wind BV will be performing model test from 17-28 November at the MARIN, in co-operation with Royal Haskoning DHV.

The tests are to demonstrate the behavior of the Monobase Gravity Based Foundation (GBF), a novelty in the industry, fully equipped with tower, turbine and blades.

The tests will cover all the essential steps of the Monobase GBF: transportation, free floating on-site, lowering of the towermat, lowering of the Monobase and the’ in-place’.

The Monobase Wind concept is specifically designed for waterdepth over 30 meters and turbines bigger than 6 MW. The main benefit is risk reduction by assembling the full wind turbine with the foundation inshore which allows a transport and installation method by tugs only, avoiding the use of Heavy Lift Vessels.

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Press release; Image: monobasewind