ION in digitization push with new version of Marlin software

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Geoscience company ION has launched an enterprise version of its Marlin software in order to optimize offshore operations and further advance maritime digitization.

Marlin is a digital solution that integrates and share information in real time to enhance decision making.

“Similar to air traffic control, Marlin is designed to maximize the safety and efficiency of offshore operations by integrating a variety of data sources in real time (AIS vessel tracking, GIS geographic information, GPS, radar, satellite, USBL acoustic data, RFID radio frequency identification, ocean currents, etc.) with operational plans, creating an unparalleled picture of offshore operations to enhance decision-making,” the company said.

Marlin provides a cloud-enabled platform that links temporal planning with timestamped spatial data.

ION said it has been delivering Marlin as a service for over three years. The solution is differentiated by its comprehensive functionality across three technology layers.

The first layer leverages the management platform, which stores information in a central database. The second is visualization technology, which displays all the data spatially from a global perspective down to the shipyard. The third is the analytics and reporting engine, which enables extensive reporting and playback functionality and has been very popular among clients to continually improve operational safety and efficiency and resolve disputes.

The Marlin solution was deployed over 70 times in a variety of offshore projects, delivering significant value to clients. These deployments have spanned AUV flight planning and optimization, integrated offshore activity planning, optimization of time-lapse seismic surveys, marine operations in arctic ice, and shore-based marine control centers.

Chris Usher, executive vice president of ION’s operations optimization group, said: “This software package has the potential to revolutionize offshore operations. The maritime industry is going digital.  Clients are looking for a smarter way to manage their operations, and this enterprise version of Marlin can reach a lot more clients and projects than our field service team could.”

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