Japanese delegation visits Tocardo’s Dutch tidal power plant

Tocardo has welcomed a Japanese delegation of the city of Kobe to its tidal power plant in the Dutch Delta Works on Monday.

According to Tocardo’s social media, the visit was organised by Holland Innovation, Embassy of the Netherlands in Japan.

The Kobe city is interested in OTEC (ocean thermal energy conversion) and tidal energy,” the company said.

Tocardo installed an array of five tidal turbines at the Delta Works’ Eastern Scheldt barrier back in September 2015.

The 1.2MW Eastern Scheldt tidal array features Tocardo’s T2 turbines fitted with bi-directional rotor blades as the barrier only closes when a heavy storm approaches. This enables the turbines to generate electricity during ebb and flood.

The array started producing power in November 2015, generating enough electricity for approximately 1000 Dutch households.

The operational phase of the project is expected to last for 20 years.