JR Shipping outfits 9th vessel with Value Maritime’s Filtree and carbon capture solution

Dutch shipping company JR Shipping has completed the installation of Value Maritime’s Filtree and Carbon Capture technology on the 9th vessel, MV Emotion.

The installation on the 2008-built containership of 1,440 TEU was completed in Hamburg, Value Maritime said in an update.

The latest development is part of JR Shipping’s ongoing commitment to combat the environmental challenges faced by the shipping industry.

The installation was contracted in June 2022 as part of a deal for six vessel retrofits including MV Enforcer, MV Endurance, MV Ensemble, MV Emotion, MV Empire, and MV Elysee. The deal builds on the initial two installations on 750 TEU container feeders MV Endeavor and MV Energy completed in summer 2022.

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Building on the success of those installations, the company committed to installing the system on a total of ten ships.

The latest batch of six vessels are being fitted with Value Maritime’s Filtree system, carbon capture module and CO2 battery to capture and store CO2 on board.

The system is based on a technology that filters sulfur and ultra-fine particles from exhaust gases and purifies wash water.

In addition, a patented CO2 capture and storage module is integrated into the system. CO2 batteries will be offloaded and discharged at greenhouses in Europe where the CO2 will be re-used to grow crops or flowers.

Value Maritime said it had set up an extensive service network to replace the batteries in main ports, resulting in a 100% circular solution.

In addition, a state-of-the-art ballast water treatment system was also incorporated during the vessel’s recent docking period, further bolstering its eco-friendly capabilities.

The system effectively treats ballast water, which is often responsible for the transfer of invasive species and harmful organisms across different marine ecosystems. With this system in place, MV Emotion will be able to comply with regulations and minimize the potential ecological impact during its operations.

The outfitted MV Emotion has now set sail once again and is underway in the North Sea heading toward Gdynia, Poland.