Jupiter Applies for Renewable Energy Demonstration Permit

Jupiter Hydro (Jupiter) has applied for a 5 MW demonstration permit adjacent to the FORCE Marine Renewable Energy site, south of Black Rock.

The location takes advantage of the existing grid connections, environmental and physical studies prepared for FORCE, and has appropriate tidal flows for the project.

The project proposes four phases, with three floating barge type platforms, each using Jupiter’s patented technology.

The Jupiter technology utilizes helical turbines presented to the water flow at an angle of 30 degrees to produce low rotational speed, high torque power from the tidal flow.

The turbines are mounted to standard barge type hulls in a configuration analogous to an outboard motor.

An environmental monitoring plan will be implemented and a full suite of sensors is being installed on the platforms to provide remote monitoring of on board systems and the environment.

Jupiter’s technology has been developed entirely in Canada with testing taking place at the University of Calgary, open water testing in Vancouver BC and at the Canadian Hydrokinetic Turbine Test Center in Manitoba.

The prime project consultant, Hatch,  a Canadian engineering company, will be overseeing and reporting on the deployment and operations, including both environmental and technical monitoring.

The application was made under the amended Marine Renewable Energy Act and is consistent with the policies and objectives in respect to implementation of tidal energy.

Comments can be submitted for the next 30 days.

Marine Energy Staff