Photo: Image courtesy of Nauticor

Kairos bunkers DEME’s LNG dredger at Brunsbüttel

Hamburg-based Nauticor said its bunker vessel Kairos completed the bunkering of DEME’s LNG-fueled dredged Scheldt River.

Kairos bunkers DEME's LNG dredger at Brunsbüttel
Image courtesy of Nauticor

The operation was completed at the Brunsbüttel port, with Nauticor cooperating with Brunsbüttel Ports and DEME Group on the operation.

Nauticor reminded that the first ship-to-ship LNG bunkering operation took place in October last year at the Brunsbüttel port when Kairos delivered a total of 300 cubic meters of the chilled fuel to DEME’s trailing suction hopper dredger Scheldt River.

In the latest operation. completed within an hour and a half, Kairos supplied Scheldt River with a total of 490 cubic meters of the chilled fuel, Nauticor said in its statement.

This is equivalent to 13 truckloads that would have to be delivered by road to Brunsbüttel either from the Netherlands or Belgium.

Scheldt River is currently deployed on the Elbe river between Cuxhaven and Wedel.

Nauticor’s senior operations manager, Martin Mischke, added that in the coming weeks, Kairos is set to supply the fuel to DEME’s dredger in a number of scheduled STS operations.