Keel Laid for NTL Marine’s Product Tanker, China

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Nanjing Yonghua Shipyard (China) has laid keel for NTL Marine’s first 3,200 m3 product oil tanker.

Keel Laid for NTL Marine's Product Tanker

The tanker is specially designed by FKAB China and is 73m long with the draft of 4.8m.

To reduce the fuel cost, considerable efforts have been made into the design by close collaboration among owner, propulsion system maker and FKAB. The main propulsion consists of a four stroke main engine and a FPP.

A two step gear box is installed after the main engine to give flexibility for vessel running at lower speed in the river. In front of main engine, a special designed step up gear box is installed to provide PTO for two main cargo pumps and one shaft generator.


fkab, March 31, 2014

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