Photo: Image Courtesy: Klaveness

Klaveness Scaling Down Supramax Activity to Focus on Panamax, Post-Panamax Segment

Norwegian shipping company Torvald Klaveness revealed intentions to scale down its dry bulk shipping activity in the Supramax segment and focus on the Panamax to Post-Panamax units.

The company’s Klaveness Chartering has had a particular stronghold in the Panamax, Kamsarmax and Post-Panamax segments and there are significant synergies with the rest of the group in this activity.

In order to grow and develop this business further, Klaveness will through its offices in Singapore, Dubai and Oslo, have a primary focus on the Panamax to Post-Panamax segment going forward. As a consequence, Klaveness Chartering will decrease its activity in the Supramax segment, the company explained.

“We have a wide portfolio of activities in our group and have concluded that to grow and develop we need to focus our efforts where we have the strongest competitive positions. We have a lot to offer our customers in the Panamax segment and will continue to develop our presence and service together with them,” Lasse Kristoffersen, CEO Torvald Klaveness, said.

The company, which is also a pool manager of dry bulk vessels through its pools Baumarine and Bulkhandling, noted that these activities “have significant growth opportunities” and there are ongoing discussions with potential external parties to develop this activity in partnership. These discussions are expected to be concluded over the next few months.

“Our pools are seen as market leading and have significant potential for growth. We believe this can best be achieved through close partnerships with other leading players,” Kristoffersen concluded.