Photo: Courtesy of GNA

Kongsberg heads LNG digitalization partnership

Kongsberg Digital, BW LNG and Alpha Ori Technologies have teamed up to enhance efficiency and cut the environmental footprint of LNG carriers and FSRUs.

Kongsberg heads LNG digitalization partnership
Courtesy of GNA

The three companies have signed a strategic digitalization partnership to realize digital capabilities that will enable them to reach the set goal, a joint statement reads.

The agreement encompasses several projects, including utilizing a common data management platform and developing a maritime digital twin and digital processing models to facilitate operational excellence.

The aim of the partnership is to enable the acceleration of technologies needed for future-ready LNG carriers and FSRUs.

A pilot project has been established to develop and test a maritime digital twin, aimed at promoting operational excellence, reducing emissions and costs, and increasing safety.

The maritime digital twin will be developed for the BW Magna FSRU, utilizing Kongsberg Digital’s Vessel Insight data infrastructure, Kognifai digital platform and maritime simulators from Kongsberg Digital, as well as value-adding expert applications from Alpha Ori.

The pilot will aim to illustrate an example of the benefits of digitalization for the industry.