L3 OceanServer Introduces New Iver AUV

L3 OceanServer has rolled out its new Iver Precision Workhorse (Iver PW) autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV).

The new Iver PW is the first in a family of highly capable commercial AUVs to address a wide variety of customer missions, including survey research and mapping, sub-surface security, and environmental monitoring.

“Undersea missions are evolving, and L3 is uniquely positioned to develop military and commercial solutions using next-generation processing, autonomy and power technologies to enable new capabilities and missions,” said Daryl Slocum, general manager of L3 OceanServer.

Iver AUVs support a range of military and commercial AUV operations. According to the company, the new Iver PW extends critical features that have made the Iver product family the AUV of choice for military and commercial missions, with advanced capabilities.